Do’s and Don’ts of Setting up an Exhibition Stall in India

Do’s and Don’ts of Setting up an Exhibition Stall in India

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Nowadays, exhibition is one of the powerful ways of promoting and marketing your business. If you are setting up your exhibition stall for the first time, it’s crucial to hire a professional exhibition stall designer in Mumbai so that everything goes in your favor. They will help you install an exhibition stall without any hassle. However, there are many things that you need to know even if you are hiring a professional because it will help you ensure that your presence doesn’t go unnoticed and you get the best return on your investment.

Do’s for Exhibition Stall:

A good exhibition stall will convert potential leads into customers if you give them a good and realistic experience at  our exhibition stall. So check out this list of do’s you should consider before hiring exhibition stall in India:

●      Make proper use of space:

You have to leverage available space to the maximum. Whether the space allocated to you in an exhibition stall is less or more, utilize your space effectively. Make sure there is no barrier at your entrance. Arrange your product display and seating arrangements in the proper way so that your visitors can move freely and interact with your products or services freely.

●      Incorporate interactive elements at your stall:

Make your stall interactive. This can give memorable experiences to the visitors that will help them recall your products or services. This can also help your product or service stand out in crowded event spaces. You can install display screens, customized mobile applications, product showcases, etc. Always solve queries of your visitors and convey your staff to communicate properly with all the attendees at the stall.

●      Give a clear message through your stall:

The first impression is very important, so ensure that your stand gives a clear message about your brand to the attendees. Your message should be precise and compel the audience to visit your stall. So that you can effectively display your product, service or idea.

●      Incorporate good lighting to enhance your stand:

Lightning can effectively enhance your exhibition stand. It creates an inviting atmosphere for the visitors. You have to choose the right type of lighting for your stall. The right type of light creates a powerful impact on the success of your brand. So hire a renowned  exhibition stall designer in Mumbai that will offer you unique ideas to enhance the ambience of your stand.

●      Promote your stall before the event:

Use social media to promote your stand before the actual event. It will create buzz about your brand and help more visitors to attend your stall. You can also distribute brochures of the event. You should also give a press release to local media about your stall.

Don’ts for Exhibition Stall:

Don’t do the following things if you want to make your exhibition stall successful and hassle-free:


  • Do not infuse many graphical things at one stall. Make it simple and clear.
  • Do not make your stall congested and overcrowded.
  • Do not ignore the queries of your visitors. Guide your staff to help the attendees in every possible way.
  • Do not forget the cleanliness of your stall. Regular Maintenance reflects your branding and creates a positive impression among the visitors.
  • Do not forget to take feedback from the attendees through email, phone calls, social media etc. It is advised to take follow-up from the customers within 2-3 days after the exhibition is over. As the memories of the exhibition are fresh and they will give genuine opinions.

Importance of Professional Exhibition Stall Designers:

In the bustling city of Mumbai, where competition is fierce, the expertise of a professional exhibition stall designer becomes indispensable. A seasoned designer not only helps in the seamless installation of your stall but also brings creative insights and strategic planning to the table. Their experience in navigating the nuances of exhibition setups ensures that every aspect of your stall, from layout to lighting, aligns with your brand identity and objectives. By entrusting your stall design to professionals, you can focus on other crucial aspects of your exhibition strategy, knowing that your physical presence is in capable hands.

Maximizing ROI with Strategic Planning:

Setting up an exhibition stall is a significant investment, both in terms of resources and time. To ensure a favorable return on investment (ROI), strategic planning is paramount. Before the event, conduct thorough research on the target audience, competitor presence, and event dynamics. This insight will inform your stall design, messaging, and promotional activities. Additionally, establish clear goals for the exhibition, whether it’s generating leads, increasing brand visibility, or launching a new product. Align every element of your stall with these objectives to maximize impact and drive desired outcomes.

Post-Exhibition Follow-Up:

The culmination of an exhibition does not mark the end of your engagement with attendees; rather, it signals the beginning of a new phase – post-event follow-up. Promptly reach out to leads and contacts gathered during the exhibition, expressing gratitude for their visit and reiterating key messages. Personalize follow-up communication based on the interactions at the stall, demonstrating attentiveness and genuine interest. Utilize various channels such as email, phone calls, and social media to stay connected and nurture relationships beyond the exhibition floor. By maintaining momentum post-event, you can capitalize on the opportunities generated during the exhibition and drive conversions.

So, these are some crucial tips that you should consider while you have a plan to set up your stall at a trade show or an exhibition. Follow these tips and see how your exhibition stall turns out to be your best sales event.

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